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Welcome to our Clinic On Demand service here on IHN. The videos are going to have different education themes and the price is going to be between 8 to 20 Euros. We are going to offer clinics with some of the world’s best trainers and coaches to educate and share they knowledge personally just with you in your telephone, tablet or computer. The videos are going to be approximately one hour long and full of information, good sound and picture in HD quality. You pay for the video easily with credit card or PayPal.



In this premier episode we will meet the Top rider Nils-Christian Larsen from Norway. Nils-Christian took this year three silver medals in the World championships in Denmark together with Viktor fra Diisa. He has several years of experience om competing in the absolutely highest level, training horses and educating riders. Nils-Christian is going to show us how he trains he´s two horses Viktor fra Diisa and the Swedish owned Miðas frá Kaldbak, he is also going to show us how he takes care of them in the daily basis. We are also going to let you meet a really special guest that has took Olympic gold and gold medals in the world championships in cross-country skiing for Norway. We hope you are going to enjoy this extremely interesting clinic with Nils-Christian Larsen.


Language: English




2 Days access 17 Euro or 20 USD

9999 Days access 55 Euro or 59 USD

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